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How we work

The Digital Health Validation Center works in collaboration with the Barcelona Health Hub to facilitate and promote digital transformation in our Hospital and healthcare environment.

Focusing on innovative digital healthcare solutions, the Center conducts clinical piloting of new technologies in patients and in the hospital environment to obtain a preliminary assessment of their impact, while at the same time assessing the safety and viability of these technologies for implementation in healthcare practice.

Once we receive a request for validation of a digital solution, the multidisciplinary team at our center sets out to respond, analysing the product with a view to validating the technology in a clinical environment and in all its stages.

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Clinical Validation Process

El Centre de Validació Clínica de Solucions Digitals sanitàries innovadores compta amb el suport estratègic de: EN

The Digital Health Validation Center receives strategic support from:

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International team of consultants

An international team of consultants provides know-how in digital health and scientific methodology to help design the validation study for the technology to be assessed.

The team comprises professionals from diverse fields such as healthcare, ethical-legal matters, innovation transfer, information systems, and epidemiology, among others. Additionally, specialists in the pathology related to the clinical validation are included in each case.

Sant Pau Ethics Sub-committee on Digital Health

Attached to the Hospital Sant Pau Clinical Research Ethics Committee (CEIm) is a sub-committee of experts in digital health who assess and endorse the quality of studies conducted, guaranteeing a prompt response.

The Sant Pau CEIm stands out as the first accredited ethics committee in Spain, and today this subcommittee is a pioneering body, being made up of expert members specialising in innovation and digital solutions.

Access to multicentre collaboration

The Digital Health Validation Center can contact other health centres when multicentre collaboration is needed.

These institutions may take part in clinical studies to pilot the technology, coordinated by the validation centre.

Access to other centres enables the technology to be tested in different clinical, cultural or social contexts and to obtain a sufficient sample of patients to carry out the validation study.