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We guide you through the process of clinical validation of your solution efficiently, providing access to expert professionals and patients and applying the quality standards of the best hospitals. There follow details on how you can clinically validate your digital health solution.

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What the Digital Health Validation Center offers you

Trend Observatory: cutting-edge insights at the intersection of the private sector and healthcare institutions.

Sant Pau Campus: excellence-driven quality processes and standards. Technological Subcommittee.

Access and the Clinical Research Ethics Committee (CEIm): Ensure your innovations meet the highest ethical and regulatory standards.

Personalized Digital Health Advice: Benefit from tailored guidance in digital health and clinical protocol definition for validation studies. Maximize the effectiveness of your technology with expert advice every step of the way.

Analytic Expertise: Navigate the complexities of clinical, methodological, ethical, and legal requirements with ease. Let our team guide you through the process.

Technology Adoption Support: Streamline your processes and accelerate technology adoption in clinical practice.

Statistical Analysis and Publication Support: Optimization of data analysis and scientific output, tailored clinical protocol drafting with a gender-inclusive approach, strategic communication and result validation.

Agile Project Management: Experience seamless coordination of studies (CRO) and agile methodologies for efficient project management.

Global Network Access: Expand your reach with access to users and a network of national and international centers for multicenter validation.